Engine Control


This modular engine control unit is able to run combustion engines in R&D environments in a most uncomplicated manner. The integrated parts enable it for direct control of different actuators as well as measurement of all common sensors. The LabVIEW development environment allows a quick setup and absolute flexibility at the control of the actuators. With our experience in the field of combustion process development and the use of the ECS, we are your partner for testbench and prototype engine equipment.


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Reliable, high-quality, modern, available, tested

We rely on modern, advanced and extensively tested hardware from National Instruments. As such, we assemble and commission the hardware and develop tailor-made software for customer specific requirements.


Modular, scalable, flexible

The modular nature of the used hardware and software components allow for scalable uses. May it be a one-cylinder research engine or an eight-cylinder series engine. The system can quickly be adapted to any current needs and grows with future requirements.

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Individually customizable User Interface


Use Cases

Control of a full engine

The Institute of Powertrains and Automotive Technology (IFA) has many research fields. Amongst them is development, test and comparison of diesel after-treatment systems. For this purpose an engine under fully customizable control, which can deliver every possible exhaust gas composition at different temperatures, is required.

With the NI ECS-1408 Sohatex realized a fully flexible and controllable test bench. The setup is based on a modern
4 cylinder diesel engine with high pressure common rail injection. All engine sensors and actuators are controlled by the NI ECS. Since fall 2015 the test bench is in operation .

Sohatex develops the necessary software to control the engine towards specified exhaust gas concentrations and temperatures. The software architecture is based on 3 layers, the FGPA level for the fast control loops, the safety loops and the I/Os. The Real Time layer for calculations and slow control loops and finally on top the PC level for visualization and user interaction.


NI ECS 1408

The ECS-1408 from National Instruments is a complete system solution which can be used to control almost any combustion engine. It supports otto and diesel engines with up to eight cylinders and every carburation. For example, direct injection solutions using solenoid as well as piezo valves are supported. But also manifold injection or a combination of both can be realised with this system. Thanks to its unbelievable flexibility it is possible to switch from a direct injection diesel engine to a manifold injection otto engine with external ignition in no time.


  • 8 cylinder diesel / otto engine
  • Manifold injection (Peak and Hold / Saturated)
  • Direct injection (Solenoid / Piezo)
  • Throttle control
  • Integrated Lambdacontroller
  • Tailor-made user interface
  • 19'' enclosure with integrated PSU (12V 15A, 5V 1A)
  • Connections: RJ45, USB, VGA, RS-232, CPC
  • Emergency stop circuit integration

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