CRIISTAL™ is a versatile software for measurement and control in R&D and industrial fields. It eliminates the need of software development by end users completely by utilizing modern user interface features like Drag & Drop. Also, the modular nature of CRIISTAL allows for fast and easy adaption towards your application. This way, CRIISTAL

- allows setting up measurement and control tasks in a matter of minutes
- eliminates the need for coding skills
- is fully scalable
- is well documented and tested



Tired of loops, queues, error handling, debugging, UI-design... for even the simplest applications? Let CRIISTAL do the work for you. By configuring CRIISTAL via graphical user interface you tell it what you want and it does the rest.



You do not need to use a new software to start a new project. CRIISTAL enables you to reuse your setups and projects. You can copy projects and reuse them for similar tasks. Or you can start a new project and reuse the old one in case you need it again.



You need a new graph with numeric display? Just drag, drop and resize it. A PID control? Just tell CRIISTAL the input, setpoint and output variables. A new calculation? Just type in the formula. Measurement and control has never been this easy.



CRIISTAL allows for easy installation of new or altered functionality by simply adding a module file. Just add one of our available modules or contact us for custom developments. Your benefit: We program our modules so that they perfectly integrate into the existing program structure. For an unbeatable price.



Sohatex is focused on developing software for measurement and control tasks. What drives us is making the best easy to use software for existing hardware.



The fields of application for CRIISTAL are mainly in laboratories for R&D and in the industries for flexible production equipment.



CRIISTAL can handle very simple tasks, but is also powerful enough to operate multiple measurement and control systems simultaneously. From measuring a few temperatures, to several complex PID control tasks and a few hundred variables, CRIISTAL is fully scaleable.



Sohatex originally collected its knowledge in the laboratories of the Institute for Powertrains and Automotive Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. So we are not only software engineers, we also have a lot of experience in the field of R&D, especially in the field of thermodynamics, control and combustion process analysis for internal combustion engines.