Engine Control

This modular engine control unit is able to run combustion engines in R&D environments in a most uncomplicated manner. The integrated parts enable it for direct control of different actuators as well as measurement of all common sensors. The LabVIEW development environment allows a quick setup and absolute flexibility at the control of the actuators. With our experience in the field of combustion process development and the use of the ECS, we are your partner for testbench and prototype engine equipment.


CRIISTALâ„¢ is a versatile software for measurement and control in R&D and industrial fields. It eliminates the need of software development by end users completely by utilizing modern user interface features like Drag & Drop. Also, the modular nature of CRIISTAL allows for fast and easy adaption towards your application. This way, CRIISTAL
allows setting up measurement and control tasks in a matter of minutes

  • eliminates the need for coding skills
  • is fully scalable
  • is well documented and tested

Custom Software Development

Thanks to our scientific background and long-term experience with projects, especially in R&D, we develop custom software and hardware solutions. Here, our special advantage is the combination of scientists and software engineers in our team. Most used languages and technologies include:

  • NI LabVIEW
  • C
  • PHP